Sir iSvegler-Awake

It seems Svegler is a lady who thrives on spreading her creative wings beyond any sense of musical monlithism.
Svegler dips her toes into all kinds of genres, with varied instrumentations providing the perfect sonic backdrop to her evidently malleable voice. A finely crafted, exquisitely delivered piece of Americana is what we have with ‘So Much Life’. ‘Crossing Borders’ has an Americana slant again, but with a choir brought into the final few bars, and some neat tribal rhythms at its climax. Elsewhere, ‘Love Will Save the Day’ is perhaps best described as a sultry lounge piece, whereas ‘Circles’ is firmly rooted in lounge jazz. ‘Being the Change’ has gospel undertones… and so on… Svegler’s forged an ever-interesting, diverse sonic path for herself on ‘Awake’. And, at the album’s climax, with closer ‘Only Time’, we’re taken right back to the beginning, with some more mid-tempo melancholy, coloured with uplifting vibes.
All in all, ‘Awake’ is a fantastic album, with strong compositions that meander through a range of styles with laidback ease. Everything’s bound together by Svegler’s very likeable, emotionally engaging and thoroughly captivating voice. Great songs, zero filler, well produced/mixed… a very nice autumnal delight. (Mark Holmes, “Metal Discovery”

About Siri Svegler


With the most recent single “No Need To Define” a new chapter has begun and Siri sets the tone of what’s to come: her third album “Awake” – planned for release in September 2019.